Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Sun Cellular Easy Broadband SIM Plan

I recently changed my Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 350 Lite to Easy Broadband SIM Only (because I already have the USB modem). I realized that the free 45 hours that Plan 350 Lite offers is just not enough since I'm infront of my lappy almost all day. It usually lasts only 12 days for me. For the rest of the days remaining I buy the P50 unlimited internet (good for one day) and when you compute that it's just too much especially for someone like me whose on a budget. With the Easy Broadband I'm able to enjoy up to 2 Mbps speed of unlimited internet for only P799 a month. Plus there's no holding period so if ever you get dissatisfied with their service you can always look for a better broadband deal. What I like the most though is how easy it is to apply for this broadband plan. You don't have to present any documents, simply show a valid ID and fill out the application form. I have a huge issue when it comes to how fast the processing period is because I waited almost three months only having to find out in the end that my application was rejected when I applied for a PLDT MyDSL (but that's another story). So far I have no complaints because the connection is quite fast and I haven't experienced any disconnection. I hope that this relationship with Sun Cellular lasts a long time and never again will I have any problems with my internet plan.

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