Sunday, April 29, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

Do you ever wish you were Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian? I do. At least at times when I'm at the mall window shopping. I'd sometimes wish that I could just let my hair down and shop til I drop. You see, I've always been a practical shopper and would think not just once or twice but a lot of times when I buy something. I always make sure that I'd be able to use the things I buy for a long time. Although I can spend my hard earned cash or have my credit card swiped, I seldom give in to temptation. I'm also more into online shopping now because it's more convenient and economical.

I've recently discovered Zalora online shop and signed up right away. Upon signing up, I was rewarded a P250 voucher. I'm quite amazed at Zalora because it carries a lot of different well-known brands of various items like clothes, accessories, and shoes catering to men, women, and kids. Most of the online shops I know only cater to women and sell a specific item. Plus, shipping is free. I'd say there's really a lot going for this online shop.

Fueling my excitement is an email from Nuffnang about a blog contest with items from Zalora and P5,000 shopping credits as prizes to five very lucky bloggers. I didn't think twice. I wrote this blog entry right away. I've got to have all those items on my wishlist! I'd regret it if I don't at least try.

So to get the ball rolling, here's my Zalora wishlist:

1.) Freeway Manansala Blouse-Knit

I've always been a fan of Freeway because they have pieces that really stand out from the rest. Their blouses are very chic, wearable, and modern with a touch of vintage. I love their National Artists collection and this Manansala cut-out long sleeves is something that I could wear anytime, anywhere and on any occasion.

2.) Alchemista Twinset Series Earrings (Studs with detachable dangles) 
The moment I laid eyes on this earrings, I fell in love with it. It's pure elegance. I don't own any piece of jewelry as beautiful as this so if ever I win I probably won't take it off ever!

3.) XOXO Jacquard satchel Handbag

This is so cute! I love that it's neither big nor small. Just big enough for my essentials to fit in. The design is not too flashy. It somehow suits my personality.

4.) Kipling K Brownie

I love wallets that have a lot of compartments. I have quite a bit of cards and IDs that I just have to take anywhere I go. This wallet fits the bill. 

5.) Esprit Charming Dear Silver Watch

I was surprised at how affordable this watch is compared to other watches with the same style and make. It just looks so elegant and expensive. Seeing this on my wrist will definitely make me one very happy lady.

I really had a hard time making my wishlist because there are so many things to choose from. But after a long thought, these items came up on top and oh how I love them!


Unknown said...

I really admire people who are not impulsive buyer unlike me!:) I really hope we will both be one of the 5 winners.:)good luck to us!:)

Gee Nie said...

nice picks sis. :D hehehe I did joined too I hope I'll be lucky like you. :))