Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amazing Alphas

I have a new favorite TV series that I've been watching these past few nights. It's a science fiction drama called Alphas. The series revolves around a group of people called Alphas who have super human abilities. The good alphas are "special agents" who fight the bad alphas. It's somewhat similar to Heroes and X-Men. The good alphas are led by Dr. Lee Rosen who tries very hard to handle his group who each have powers that could destroy others if used inappropriately. The five alphas in his group also happens to have strong personalities to match their powers.

I won't go into details anymore about each person's abilities. Suffice to say that they're all awesome! I want all their powers. The series is very entertaining because of the interesting story lines. Watch it for yourself so you'll see what I mean.


Pretty/Ugly said...

Sounds really interesting. I'll keep an eye on it from now on.

Chris said...

sounds interesting. will check it out!