Friday, August 17, 2012

Online Selling

I'm not only a freelance writer, blogger and private tutor, I'm also an online seller. I have accounts in eBay,, and Since I'm busy with a lot of things, I sometimes forget about my online shop and never update my items. But I'm thinking of changing all that and give more time to my online shop, Callmefab. I also want to create a Facebook page solely dedicated to my business. For starters, I posted some items in my other FB page. You can check them out here. I do hope that I gain a lot of buyers with the help of my soon-to-be Facebook page.



ay talaga? you sell pala online sis? hay sabi ko i will not buy na online. nauubos pera ko! LOL

roviedear said...

will check your shop :) thanks for sharing

The Bargain Doll

Carizza Chua said...

me too! and saaammme experience! i cant really divide my time to blogging, work, and sideline. but i wish you more success in all your businesses!

Sumi Go said...

Wow, you have an online shop pala! :D I used to have one too, but had to close it down when I started doing my college thesis. Anyway, more power to your online shop sis! :)

YANI said...

I;ll check your site and fanpage wnd will let my friends do the checking as well :) Good luck on your business!

Mharms said...

Hi, being busy sometimes makes us forget what's the priority. Anyway, you have a nice online store. I also plan to put up one because I want to earn more. Hahaha!

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