Monday, February 25, 2013

Dress Etc Purchase

I love online shopping so much that I always browse the internet for new stores to shop in. I'm so into necklaces right now that it's the first item I look for in an online store. I saw this really cute necklace at Dress Etc that I bought right away. Aside from the fact that the necklace's color combination will suit any shirt color, it's also affordable at only P200. It's such a steal.

Dress Etc is an online clothing store that sells dresses, shorts, skirts, necklaces, bracelets, and footwear for men and women at reasonable prices. I saw their January leather collection and everything just looked fabulous. If only I'm confident enough to wear leather I'd probably buy the whole collection! 

Better visit Dress Etc and like their Facebook page to get updates on their collections and other important news about them. Check out for yourselves what I'm fussing about.

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