Friday, September 5, 2008

The Crazy World of Miami Ink

This show is surely alot of fun. I instantly became a fan of this show the first time I watched it in Discovery Travel and Living. I'm not into tattoos but now I want to get one. But I want someone from Miami Ink to do the tattooing (hehe). This show chronicles the personal and professional lives of six tattoo artists; Ami James, Chris Nunez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Yoji Harada, and this new guy Tim from a shop in Miami Beach named Love Hate. It also tells the stories behind each customer's tattoo. Some are really very touching. But what's so interesting about this show are the artists themselves. Let's face it, there are still people out there who look at people with tattoos differently, especially those with almost half their bodies tattooed. But these guys are true artists. I'm amazed at how good and talented they are. I especially like Chris Garver who I think is the best and nicest among all of them. Even the artists themselves look up to him and ask his help when they're having trouble with a tattoo. I also like Ami James, one of the shop's owners. He's cranky most of the time and sometimes acts as if he's God, but in my opinion he's the most dedicated, at least as far as the shop's concerned and the one with the most colorful personality. Not at all afraid of what people would say about him. I must say I enjoyed it very much when he and Kat Von D (former artist in the shop) had a big fight. This is one refreshing and unique reality show that alot of people would surely love and enjoy.


Unknown said...

Check out my Miami Ink blog for more on your fave show:

MissGia said...

I like Miami Ink. I don't normally watch Television but if i catch it on while channel surfing i'll stop on it and watch.

I enjoy the show mostly because i have 15 tattoos of my own. But as a tattoo lover i love getting them more than i do watching people get them on T.V.

Nice blog ya have :)

(From Mylot)

Lourdes Espanol said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll surely check out your blog victoria. Hope you get more tattoos missgia.