Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Slicethepie Payment

I was so happy this morning upon seeing an email from the site Slicethepie, a GPT (Get-Paid-To) Site. I have reached minimum payout from this site three days ago. Though it's just a little over 5 pounds, it's still great. At least I know that they're a legitimate site. And I got paid for all my effort. I actually signed up with this site just about a month ago and I've reached payout already. To think that I'm so busy with other things. In case it's unfamiliar to you guys, it's a site where you get paid to write reviews of music tracks. You enter a Scout Room and review the music after listening to it for 60 seconds. You're paid 0.03 pounds per track. That is, if you're a one star 'Scout' (that's the term they use for reviewers). But the pay per track increases as your Scout rating increases (though it's still vague to me how my Scout rating will increase). I also love it because they pay via Paypal and they pay really fast. You just have to be patient listening to some of the tracks since they're quite awful. Plus, you have to choose your words carefully since repetition of words is not allowed. But still, it's one highly recommended site.

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