Friday, September 12, 2008

Great Hair Day

The hair is our crowning glory. That's what most people say. I think so too. A bad haircut could make you look unattractive while a great one would make you look like a movie star. That's why it's so important to go to a salon that you truly trust and where you're sure would give you the best service there is. A couple of days ago I decided to get my long hair shortened to a more hip and modern style, none other than the bob. I went to the SM Mall of Asia because you can find almost all the top salons under one roof. I wanted to go to David's Salon but my cousin suggested that we go to the Headway Salon instead. I wanted to try something new and be adventurous for once so I agreed. Headway Salon offers many services such as haircutting, hair coloring, manicure, pedicure, threading, hand and foot spa, waxing, and shaving. We arrived very early so we were the first ones to be serviced, which made me really happy because I didn't like to wait. The hair stylist immediately cut my hair and I was a bit surprised because she didn't shampoo it. It turns out that you have a choice whether you want your hair to be shampooed or not. Haircut with shampoo costs P200 while without shampoo is just P150. This is actually great when you're in a hurry. I love my hair. The hairstylist was able to get the hairstyle I like and she worked really fast. The crew were all nice and very accomodating. I felt at home. But the thing I liked most in Headway Salon is it's interiors. The salon is split in half, with one side for men and the other side for women. It caters to all genders so both you and your partner can have a haircut. Even kids can have their haircuts. They are reasonably priced so everyone can afford their services. They even have a total hair treatment (hot oil with scalp therapy) which costs only P500. Go and visit Headway Salon to see for yourself. It's located at the 2nd Floor of the South Parking Area.

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