Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

I admit that I'm quite vain. I guess most women are. But it's not the "creepy" kind of being vain (e.g. staring all the time in the mirror; being in love with yourself). Mine just comes with having the desire to feel more confident because I know that I look good and attractive. Let's face it physical attributes count a lot specially in our society. Being smart is great but being smart and pretty is so much better. I also have to take care of my skin more now, specially that I'm already in my 30's and lines are starting to appear.

I have a beauty regimen which I try to religiously follow and some beauty products that I just have to use. I've always been a big fan of Pond's and currently using their Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon which is great at exfoliating dead skin cells while retaining moisture. After that I use the Pond's Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment with VAO-B3 Complex. This not only makes my skin extra nourished but also repairs daily damage and visibly lightens. And all these happen while you sleep (how cool is that!). As for makeup, I don't apply too much because I tend to look more "mature" and "gayish". I only put on Avon white face powder and simply can't leave home without wearing my Careline Glamour Lips with Aloe and Vitamin E (Lovely Red color). I'm quite fair and have pale skin so I always use red lipstick to make my face come alive. I just love this lipstick because the shade suits me and it's easy to apply. Plus, I bought it at such an affordable price (P100+) which just proves that you don't need to buy expensive makeup to look beautiful.

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