Friday, November 19, 2010

Life Can't Wait's First Ever Giveaway

In celebration of Life Can't Wait's anniversary, Marice (blog's owner) is having a giveaway (her first ever). In store for all you contest lovers are awesome prizes that you just have to win:

First Prize:
40$ Cash
10,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces on High PR Blogs

Second Prize
20$ Cash
9,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

Third Prize
10$ Cash
6,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

Plus a chic necklace for bloggers from the Philippines!

  • Follow Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next through Google Friend Connect, please indicate your name/nick (+5entries)
  • Subscribe to the two blogs via email (found on blogs' sidebar) then leave the email address you used to subscribe (+5entries)
  • Add these blogs on your blogroll: Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next (Please indicate the URL of your blogs where you have added the blogs) (+5entries/blog)
  • LIKE the Up Now and What's Next in Facebook. Please indicate your Facebook Profile Name (+3entries)
  • Create a post on your blog sharing this giveaway with the list of sponsors and badge. Then send the blog post's direct link. (Bloggers with multiple blogs are welcome, just send the links) (+5entries/blog post)

Major Sponsors

Minor Sponsors http://www.myplace-home-family.com http://www.oneproudmomma.com http://isherrygo.com http://www.redismarose.com

To have more chances of winning, there are additional things you can do to increase your entries. Please check for other details.

You can join this giveaway until December 10, 2010.


Marice said...

thanks for joining sissy! dont forget to leave your comments link on the form provided on my blog so I wont miss your entries :)

Lourdes Espanol said...

Okay sis. I'm saving all my links and will leave them on one go. Thanks!

Marice said...

thanks much!! :) btw followed u too!