Monday, May 6, 2013

Successful 4th Bubblews Redemption

I had a pleasant surprise the other night when I received an email stating that my echeck from Bubblews is on its way to my Paypal account. I was hopeful that I was going to get paid but there's also some doubt in my mind that I won't because of some issues regarding Bubblews' payment system. They have been quite inconsistent when it comes to paying their members. I wasn't paid for my April 12th third redemption but was paid for my fourth. The administration however issued some statements honestly admitting that they are indeed having some issues with the payment system and that they are working very hard to have those issues resolved the soonest possible time. They also asked members to be patient and to hang on in there and just continue supporting Bubblews. I do believe that the management is doing their best to pay all members. I understand that it's not easy paying hundreds if not thousands of members on time. So I've made up my mind. I'll stick with Bubblews through thick and thin.

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