Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Advantages of Being a Homebased Online Worker

Right after college I already started working in the corporate world. My first job was in a small company and I worked there for three years before transferring to a multinational company. My motivation was of course a bigger pay and career advancement. I worked there for six years then transferred to a call center job which I didn't like at all because of the unusual working hours. Then I transferred yet again. I was able to save some money while working at those companies. But I soon got tired of working for someone so I decided to quit my job and start an online store. Although it helped in paying some of my bills, I realized that it wasn't enough so I started blogging and freelance writing. Working at home is way more satisfying in many aspects. I'm able to save more because I don't spend money on lunch food, fare, and work clothes. I can do the tasks assigned to me in my own pace and it's a lot less stressful. Furthermore, I can do other things while working such as watch TV, eat, and text (really!). Since I'm quite adept at multitasking now, I'm able to do more things. I have more time in my hands. I also realized that the pay is better because I get paid in dollars. Plus, all you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

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