Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get Free $10 from Refban (Referral Banners)

I'm a member of Wordlinx and I received an email from them that they're going to launch a new online earning site. It's called Refban or Referral Banners. It's a brand new concept in banner advertising wherein you get paid to display banners on your website and get paid for referring new members and advertisers. You automatically get $10 for signing up during their pre-launch stage. Referral Banners will be live in early 2013. Their system is still in development but members can already start building their downline by using their unique referral link. Cashouts will be handled by PayPal and Payza after launch. Hurry and register now while they're still in their pre-launch stage to get your free $10.


Dhadha Alcantara said...

So it means when we join we have automatically $10? Or we need to refer first? how can we cash out the $10?

Lourdes Espanol said...

Hi Dhadha. Yes, you automatically get $10 upon registration. Their still in pre-launch so we can't cash out our earnings yet. But it's better to sign up now so we can get the free $10. It's for a limited time only. They'll launch early next year.