Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Papa John's Pizza Discount Coupons

Since it's examination week once again, I've been busy with my tutoring job, making reviewers etc. It's really quite stressful and frustrating at times. But the fact that it's the kids' semestral break next week gives me a lot of comfort :) I'll have more time to relax and do other things. Good thing my sister bought a Papa John's Pizza brochure full of discount coupons for only P399. I'll be able to use those for a sumptuous meal with my nephew. He loves pizza and pasta and he eats with so much gusto that every meal is enjoyable with him. We'll try all their pizzas (Pepperoni, Garden Special, Simply Cheese, Hawaiian, and Margherita) and pasta (Carbonara, Seafood Carbonara, Meatball Bolognaise, and Diablo Burst). They also have Baked Italian Meatballs, Potato Wedges, Mozzarella Sticks, and Battered Onion Rings as well as Italian Sodas. They have a lot of cool discount deals which you can avail of at all their branches. 

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CarmisCaprice said...

I havent tried papa john's! will try soon. thanks for sharing