Friday, October 19, 2012

Deal Market

There's a new groupon site in town. Deal Market is the first Philippine website that provides consumers with an effective online solution to easily buy and sell vouchers. They have so many vouchers for sale that I can't even begin where and what to choose. If you bought a voucher from a different groupon site and decided not to use it, you can instead sell it in Deal Market. It's absolutely free to join the site. You may ask why would you want to join another groupon site. Well, here are some reasons:

For sellers:
  1. Get a portion of your money back from deals.
  2. Sell hot deals at a higher cost.
  3. Access to a huge marketplace of potential buyers.
  4. Exposure of your deal For Sale until one day before the last day of its validity.
  5. Be able to easily promote your deal in the website to Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Hassle-free online transaction. No need for eye-balling. Give your deal to a potential buyer and get paid online.
For buyers:
  1. Avail most if not all of the available deals NOW!
  2. Easily search for deals which you may have missed.
  3. Post deals you are Looking For and announce it to a marketplace where the sellers are.
  4. Hassle-free online transaction. No need for eye-balling. Purchase and receive these vouchers online.

It's very easy to sell your vouchers in the marketplace. Just follow the simple instructions. Please visit Deal Market for more details.


CarmisCaprice said...

Seems promising :-)

Phioxee said...

im checkin on it

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