Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Loans Through Lenddo

I've heard of Lenddo but only signed up recently because my friend invited me. For those of you who has yet to hear about Lenddo, it's an online platform that helps social network users (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Yahoo) obtain loans for whatever purposes may serve them. Before applying for a loan keep in mind the following things:

1.) You should have a minimum Lenddo score of 400. You can build your score by including more information about yourself, linking more social networks, uploading a picture and inviting more people.

2.) There should be at least 3 members of your Trusted Network with a minimum Lenddo score of 400, with at least 1 of those a family member and 1 of those a co-worker.

3.) You are currently a salaried employee and have a bank account.

These are the requirements when applying for a loan:

1.) Go to
2.) Fill out the membership form and upload a photo.
3.) Connect your social networks.
4.) Invite your friends and family members.
5.) Apply for a loan.

They say that applying for a loan in Lenddo is fast and easy. I have yet to try it because I'm still building my score but it really does sound interesting. For those who are interested just visit their website for more information.

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